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The Chefs Decision Awards Program

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Award Scheme

We regularly engage with ChefPanel members to ascertain their choice of the best product in a specific category - which is then awarded Chefs Decision winner status.

Social Media

ChefPanel supports Chefs Decision winners via social media. We owe it to our chefs to let them know which products are judged best. We also love to support our licensee partners with publicity through all of our online communities.

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CD Logo License

Chefs Decision winners have the opportunity to leverage their position by licensing the award status and logo to promote their product. Our research shows the Chefs Decision winner status increases loyalty, boosts the likelihood of trial significantly, and helps products retain a premium price status.

Categories Covered

This award has covered mayonnaise, hollandaise, gravy, boosters, red sauce, baked beans, meat patties, burger buns, chips and more. Examples of how manufacturers have used the award in their advertising and packaging can be seen online and on supermarket shelves.

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